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  • Accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Reinstatement of accounting
  • Reinstatement of tax accounting, preliminary tax calculation, appropriateness

Legal services

  • Tax disputes, follow-up visiting audit
  • Commercial disputes (claims, arbitration)
  • Forensic analysis (accounting, tax, financial and economic)
  • Bankruptcy of companies (Maintenance, Bankruptcy commissioner)
  • Liquidation of companies in accordance with the law
  • Validation of company's address and manager

Human resources records

  • Human resources records
  • Military register
  • Reinstatement of Human resources records
  • Reinstatement of Military register
  • Submission of documents to State archives (human resources records, salary)

Management accounting

  • Budgeting (Cash flow budget, Income and expenditure budget, Balance)
  • KPI
  • Manufacturing accounting
  • Warehouse accounting
  • Review of the management and workflow structure

Check your accountant / accounting audit

  • Workflow evaluation
  • Fair and timely disclosure of business activities in accounting records
  • Validity of tax calculation


  • Consulting on all of the above cases
  • Tax optimization
  • Tax planning
  • Preparation of transactions
  • Programme implementation, programme refinement