About company

Our specialists have a lot of experience of accounting support
of construction business, manufacturing business, forest processing, mining, wholesale business,
transport business, public catering and other business spheres.
Our specisalists know foreign economic activity, work procedures of branches abd subdivisions,
they also have experience in document management in large companies.

We are among 10 largest companies of Saint Petersburg
according to the rating of agency “Expert RA”
in section: "Outsourcing of Accounting Services" for the last five years

Liability and risk insurance

  • Liability and risk insurance are set out in contract
  • Insured liability 2 million rubles for each case.
    Authorized capital 2,5 million rub.

Licensed products

  • Licensed products and technical support from our official partners 1C
  • Our own server hardware

Paperwork with documents

  • Complete document work (from delivery to cloud service)

Convenient service

  • Convenient online personal account for exchange of documents and information
  • Full-time IT specialist providing technical support

Full confidentiality

  • Guarantee of confidentiality of data provided as evidenced by contractual obligations


  • 7 full-time employees with higher specialized education, whom common professional experience is more than 100 years. Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Leningrad Oblast. Certified by ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 31000.